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Root Canal Therapy

Dentist for fast, precision, gentle root canal therapy in Gambrills and Crofton, MD

Dentist for fast, precision, gentle root canal therapy in Gambrills and Crofton, MD
With Bingham-Lester Dentistry’s proactive, preventive approach to oral care in Gambrills, Crofton, and Annapolis, MD, you will probably never need to have root canal treatment. However, sometimes, damage to a tooth is unavoidable. Falls and accidents happen. New medical conditions may pose aggressive threats to your oral health. Whenever life happens, know that Dr. Vickii Bingham-Lester is the dentist for root canal therapy to save your natural tooth painlessly, efficiently, and precisely.

Truths about treatment

Root canal treatment does not cause pain. It relieves discomfort and pressure that is often associated with the conditions that it treats: deep inflammation and infection. Root canal therapy is also fast and straightforward. It takes just a little bit longer than a common filling to complete. In fact, patients should think of root canal treatment as a cleaning for the inside of the tooth. The inner structure of the tooth contains those root canals. They surround the pulp tissue that is also full of blood vessels. After your tooth has fully matured, it no longer depends on the pulp to sustain its health and integrity. Yet, the pulp (its nerves and blood vessels) can become inflamed and infected by bacteria as the result of deep decay or disease. Sometimes, even worn, or old restorations can allow bacteria to seep into the tooth’s sensitive innermost parts. The result of this bacterial invasion is often intense and persistent pain and sensitivity, especially when biting down on foods or when contacting heat or cold (such as when drinking hot tea or coffee).

Root canal therapy essentially opens the tooth to relieve painful pressure immediately. The inner parts of the tooth are accessed, and the decayed or damaged pulp tissue is removed. Once the root canals are cleaned and sterilized, they are reshaped to accept a filling. The filling is necessary to seal off the treated tooth, and to prevent reinfection. The last step in the process is the restoration, which often involves the placement of a lovely porcelain crown. With good oral hygiene, our crowns are exceptionally strong and can last for many years.

With Bingham-Lester Dentistry’s proactive, preventive approach to oral care in Gambrills, Crofton, and Annapolis, MD, you will probably never need to have root canal treatment.

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Advanced, gentle approaches

The affected tooth is numbed prior to treatment. You will not feel anything throughout the root canal process. Calming sedatives, such as a nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or conscious sedation with a prescription pill, are available at our office. So, we can treat patients with severe dental fear. Our dentist also ensures your comfort with accurate planning. We use a diagnostic system that allows us to pinpoint the nerves and the shape and number of root canals. This approach allows precision treatment, which means more effective treatment in less time. Dr. Bingham-Lester has also invested in the Isolite system for the ultimate in comfort for our patients. The system has built-in features, such as dual suction, that add up to a more relaxed and quicker treatment experience.

Do not wait until pain interferes with your life to reach out to us. We encourage routine appointments that allow us to detect problems early when they are easiest to treat and before they cause discomfort and other debilitating symptoms. If, however, you are experiencing a toothache or other troubling changes, we are here to help with prompt care that relieves your pain immediately.

Root Canal

Root canal therapy is a very common procedure. It has a reputation of being undesirable and painful. But when done properly it is actually painless. Every tooth in your mouth is composed of a crown and a root. When a cavity or bacteria penetrates the tooth, the root and its nerves become irritated. As a result, the bacteria within the pulp cavity needs to be removed and cleaned in order to restore the tooth to its healthy state. Following the procedure, the tooth is fragile and consequently is restored with the natural crown for a lifetime of durability. Root canals have a success rate of 95% or greater. Most root canal are diagnosed by patients’ sensitivities to a specific tooth. Be sure to consult your dentist any symptoms or discomfort occur.

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Dr. Vickii Bingham Lester is primarily interested in assisting patients in achieving an excellent lifestyle with healthy, functioning smiles. She graduated from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and completed a general practice residency at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City. Dr. Bingham's commitment to providing the best dental care possible encouraged her to dive more into the science and practice of dental implantology.

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