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Pediatric Dentistry

Meet children’s dentist Dr. Vickii Bingham-Lester of Bingham-Lester Dentistry in Gambrills, MD
Dr. Bingham-Lester is known as a premier kids’ dentist in Gambrills. She is a mother, and knows how critical it is to get children started on a path to lifelong oral health. We really enjoy our pediatric patients, and take extra time to be sure their visits are pleasant, with plenty of personal attention.

You should schedule your child’s first dental appointment as soon as the first tooth appears, or sooner. This initial visit gives Dr. Bingham-Lester an opportunity to examine baby’s oral cavity development. For your convenience, your child’s appointment may be scheduled with your own.

Education for caregivers is an important part of pediatric dentistry in Gambrills. Dr. Bingham-Lester talks with parents about real life, everyday issues associated with childhood dental health such as:
  • Cleaning baby’s gums.
  • How to brush a baby’s tooth or teeth.
  • Baby bottle tooth decay.
  • Healthy habits.
  • By practicing good oral hygiene, Gambrills parents can lead by example.

When your little one reaches school age, Dr. Bingham-Lester discusses nutrition and hygiene directly with the child. Our goal, is for oral hygiene to become a way of life for your child.

Bingham-Lester Dentistry is your partner in preparing your child for a lifetime of good oral health.

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Preventing cavities with dental sealant

Dr. Bingham-Lester is known as a premier kids' dentist in Gambrills.
Sealant treatment can help your child have a cavity-free mouth. Dental sealant is a clear liquid, brushed onto the chewing surfaces of teeth. It flows into microscopic pits and grooves in the enamel, providing a barrier against cavity-causing bacteria. Treatment is fast, inexpensive, and painless, and lasts several years. A 2014 report by the Children's Dental Health Project indicates that dental sealant reduces cavities by 60 percent.

Bingham-Lester Dentistry is your partner in preparing your child for a lifetime of good oral health. Call 410-885-6522 to schedule a pediatric appointment.

Bingham-Lester Dentistry

Dr. Vickii R. Bingham-Lester

Dr. Vickii Bingham Lester is primarily interested in assisting patients in achieving an excellent lifestyle with healthy, functioning smiles. She graduated from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and completed a general practice residency at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City. Dr. Bingham's commitment to providing the best dental care possible encouraged her to dive more into the science and practice of dental implantology.

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