Dental practice near Crofton, MD explains the reasons for wisdom tooth removal

At Bingham-Lester Dentistry, we strive to help patients in Crofton, MD and the surrounding areas. One of our goals is to help patients keep their natural teeth. However, there are times when tooth extraction is necessary. Done for preventative reasons or to address a specific problem, wisdom tooth removal is one of the most commonly performed oral surgeries. If the mouth is too small, the teeth are impacted, or the wisdom teeth are erupting and causing problems, extractions may be recommended. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause swelling and pain. The adjacent teeth may be damaged. Wisdom tooth extractions are performed to protect the health of the mouth.

Dr. Bingham-Lester will review your options, including wisdom tooth removal.

Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars we get. They often appear between the ages of 18 and 25. Anthropologically, our ancestors probably had the extra set of teeth due to dietary needs of chewing hard foods. However, our smaller face and jaw sizes today and different dietary lifestyles have led to a decreased need for additional teeth.

Reasons for wisdom teeth removal

For some people, wisdom teeth come in without ever causing problems. Others never even get wisdom teeth. Unfortunately, this is not the majority of people. The majority of people not only get their wisdom teeth but also have problems with them. Approximately 85 percent of people have their wisdom teeth extracted at some point. The most common reasons to remove wisdom teeth include:

  • Impacted or potentially impacted wisdom teeth
  • Damage has been caused to the surrounding teeth
  • Future pain or dental issues may be caused if the teeth are not removed


What to expect

Since some patients get wisdom teeth without any problems, x-rays are used to check your teeth and monitor for potential issues. If a problem appears, Dr. Bingham-Lester will review your options, including wisdom tooth removal. Using a gentle touch and precise techniques, your teeth are extracted comfortably and quickly. Follow your dentist’s advice after the procedure for a faster recovery and optimal results.

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