Restore the Healthy Function and Beautiful Brilliance of Your Smile with Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings

As their name suggests, dental fillings are fabricated to “fill in” the hole left by a cavity. In this manner, the decayed or damaged tooth is restored to its healthy, beautiful state. While silver fillings have been used to treat cavities, today, dentists use safer and life-like materials as dental fillings. At Bingham-Lester Dentistry in Bowie, Maryland, we use tooth-colored fillings from composite resin material made from biocompatible plastic and glass particles.

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Tooth Filling Procedure

Once a cavity has formed, it must be treated since it will never get better. And the earlier, the better because delaying treatment may cost you the tooth down the road. Cavity filling is a pretty straightforward and painless procedure.

After numbing your tooth, Dr. Bingham-Lester removes the decayed part and sterilizes the area to eliminate harmful bacteria. Next, we fill the cavity in layers with composite resin and use a curing light to harden each layer. We then mold the top layer into the desired shape, remove excess material, and make final adjustments until your bite feels normal. The last step is to polish your tooth for a bright, healthy smile.

Why Composite Fillings are Preferable

When your cavities are treated with white fillings, no one can tell you have had tooth decay. Composite resin can be designed to match the color of the surrounding teeth, maintaining the natural aesthetics of your smile — no more unsightly silver that detracts from your smile. Plus, white fillings don’t darken over time like their silver-colored counterparts.

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The other reasons tooth-colored fillings are superior include:

  • Conservativeness — Filling your cavity with white fillings only needs minimal removal of the decayed tooth. This preserves much of the healthy natural tooth.
  • Safety — White fillings are suitable for all patients, including those allergic to metals. Also, unlike amalgam fillings, white fillings don’t leak mercury vapor or change size due to thermal stresses.
  • Durability — With proper care, composite fillings can last for as many as 15 years.

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With appropriate dental hygiene, natural teeth can hold up well over time. However, when you see signs of cavities, seek treatment immediately because the tool won’t heal itself. Bowie, Maryland residents are lucky because treatment isn’t far from you. Please dial 410-885-6522 to book an appointment with Bingham-Lester Dentistry for natural-looking dental fillings.

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