Need A Radiant Smile? Come for the Safest Teeth Whitening Methods in Gambrills, MD

Now and then, everyone and everything needs a touch-up to appear its best – your whites are not an exception to this rule. Your teeth rarely look as white as you expect them to be. However, with the safest teeth whitening methods in Gambrills, MD, you can restore your radiant, bright smile that you have always craved.

Need A Radiant Smile? Come for the Safest Teeth Whitening Methods in Gambrills, MD Area

Dental staining affects several people and can crush the confidence of even the most self-asserted persons. Stained teeth can cause embarrassment to an extent you don’t want to show people your smile. In light of this, many people rush for a quick-fix solution, making over-the-counter products become the go-to teeth whitening solution. But there is a problem — some of these products are not safe and effective for your teeth.

Safe teeth whitening

While you may be tempted to purchase over-the-counter products, according to Dr. Vickii Bingham-Lester, the safest bet for teeth whitening is having the procedure done by a dentist. Professionals only use clinically tested and ADA-approved products, which are safe for you. Besides, a professional oversees the process to ensure nothing goes amiss.

When you visit Bingham-Lester Dentistry, our dentist will recommend KöR® teeth whitening because of the rich benefits it packs. First, it achieves better teeth whitening than the typical whitening products. Secondly, KöR® whitening gel is gentle on your teeth and gums. Since the KöR® system involves a two-stage desensitization process, you not only achieve a fantastic aesthetic outcome but one with minimal or no sensitivity.

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Finally, KöR® assures long-standing whiteness that lasts for several years, even for patients with severe discoloration. Whereas your at-home teeth whitening provides a band-aid solution to your stained teeth, our teeth whitening procedures help you maintain bright, pearly whites for years to come.

With the tremendous benefits above, it’s time you ditched the trial-and-error methods and opt for professional teeth whitening.

Safe teeth whitening in Gambrills, MD

Are you ready to show off your grin again? Are you ready to regain your confidence? Please call 410-885-6522 to book an appointment for professional teeth whitening at Bingham-Lester Dentistry located in Gambrills, MD.

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