Kid friendly dentist in Gambrills, MD offers tips on how to help oral hygiene become a way of life

Kids Friendly Dentist in Gambrills Area

When Dr. Vickii Bingham-Lester visits adult patients who have not seen the dentist for a while out of fear or anxiety, she often finds that they had negative experiences at other dentist’s offices as children. So, dental visits early in childhood play an important role in the development of healthy smiles for life. As a kid friendly dentist in Gambrills MD, Dr. Bingham-Lester loves working with children, and likes to spend extra time with them. So, they get comfortable with routine checkups, and with people who are working with them to keep their smiles healthy. However, depending on when your … Continue reading

Oral care tips for kids from your Gambrills MD dentist — make healthy hygiene a way of life!

Oral Care Tips for Kids from Your Gambrills Md Area Dentist

As a dentist and a mother, Dr. Vickii Bingham-Lester of Bingham-Lester Dentistry intimately understands the role that early and consistent dental visits play in children’s confidence, health, and overall well-being. Her goal is to help your child develop health-promoting oral hygiene habits so they become a “way of life” for your child. A comfortable office that feels like home and a friendly dental team complement this mission. Since young children don’t have the dexterity to take care of their own mouths, early childhood visits are also opportunities to provide caregivers with kids oral care tips from our Gambrills, MD office. … Continue reading

Dentist in Gambrills, MD explains the benefits of dental sealants

Dental Sealant for Kids Teeth in Gambrills Md Area

At Bingham-Lester Dentistry in Gambrills, MD, our mission is to help patients enjoy the many benefits of having healthy teeth and gums. Whenever we recommend a service to patients, we want to ensure that they understand the treatment and the benefits associated with it. Dental sealants are a preventative service that can be very beneficial for children. Below, we’ll explain what dental sealants are and how they help in the prevention of decay. What are dental sealants? Dental sealants are a barrier to decay that plays an important role in preventing cavities. The plastic material is applied in a thin … Continue reading

Gambrills, MD dentist explains the importance of pediatric dental care in establishing oral hygiene

Pediatric Dental Care Gambrills MD

At Bingham-Lester Dentistry, we provide quality dental services for patients in and around Gambrills, MD. Routine dental care is crucial for children, teens, adults, and seniors. Children, even infants and toddlers, need to follow proper oral hygiene of the teeth and gums. Dr. Bingham-Lester offers pediatric dental care for children of all ages. Proper oral hygiene Establishing a good dental care regimen at an early age is important. For parents of infants, the baby’s gums should be wiped to remove milk or food residue. This can be done even before the first tooth erupts. It allows the baby to get … Continue reading

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