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The benefits of removable partial denture techniques, fully explained by Gambrills, MD, dentist

Removable Partial Denture at Bingham-lester Dentistry in Gambrills MD Area

At Bingham-Lester Dentistry, Dr. Vickii Bingham-Lester combines premium materials for the most durable, lifelike experience with dentures, and techniques that allow for a superior fit. How patients feel about their dentures depends on the fit of their dentures. Without a proper fit, the denture tends to slide around. It can rub up against the inside of the mouth and cause sores. Loose-fitting dentures also interfere with speech, and the ability to chew and digest food properly. There are many different denture systems and services available to Baltimore, MD area patients, including the removable partial denture from the Gambrills, MD office … Continue reading

Achieve a new smile with full denture services from your dental team in Gambrills, Maryland

Full Dentures Service in Gambrills Maryland Area

At Bingham-Lester Dentistry, we know that every patient’s needs are unique. We provide dental services for patients of all ages from young children with erupting teeth to older patients who may be dealing with tooth loss or extraction. For patients in the Gambrills, Maryland area who are missing all teeth within the dental arches, full dentures can be an excellent option to restore the smile. What are full dentures? Full dentures are an artificial set of teeth that are designed to replace the top and/or bottom arch of teeth. They are made from high-quality materials designed to make them look … Continue reading

Crofton area dentist explains everything you need to know about dentures

Everything You Need to Know About Dentures Near Crofton MD area

Are you considering dentures to replace several missing teeth? If so, Dr. Vickii Bingham-Lester, dentist in the Crofton, MD area, is here to answer all your questions. Below, she explains everything you need to know about dentures, from the process of getting them made to how to care for them at home. How are dentures made? Getting dentures is a multi-step process that, in the end, is well worth the wait! Dentures are custom fitted to your mouth so that they have an optimal fit, feel comfortable, and look naturally beautiful. First, Dr. Bingham-Lester will examine your mouth and discuss … Continue reading

Dentist in Crofton explains everything you need to know about dentures

Everything You Need To Know About Dentures in Crofton area

If you have suffered the loss of multiple teeth or need several extractions, then you may be wondering about your options to replace your lost teeth. Dentures are one of the most affordable ways to restore your smile after tooth loss and can be a great option for many patients. Below, Dr. Bingham-Lester, dentist near Crofton, MD, explains everything you need to know about dentures. How do dentures work? Dentures are false teeth that either replace a few missing teeth (partial dentures) or a full arch of teeth (full dentures). They are removable dental appliances that are custom designed for … Continue reading

Gambrills, MD patients seek dental health care maintenance for dentures

Dr. Bingham-Lester Vickii at Bingham-Lester Dentistry offers best dental health care maintenance for dentures.

As we age, our dental health care becomes even more important. With an estimated 75% of adults ages 60 and older only having a portion of their original teeth, oral and overall oral health is are gaining attention. Issues such as gum disease, diabetes, and heart disease can contribute to poor oral health and tooth loss. Dentures for tooth loss Once teeth have been lost, dentures are an option for replacement. Located in Gambrills, MD, Dr. Bingham-Lester offers full, partial, and immediate dentures for patients who have lost teeth. The type of dentures used depends on each patient’s needs, health … Continue reading

Bingham-Lester Dentistry offers same day denture to Gambrills patients

Many people avoid getting dentures due to how long it takes to receive them. That is no longer an issue now that same day dentures are offered by Dr. Vickii Bingham-Lester at Bingham-Lester Dentistry in Gambrills MD. If teeth are badly decayed or have been damaged beyond repair, one of the options for tooth replacement is dentures. Dentures are false teeth that can easily be removed, but look like natural teeth to restore that beautiful smile you once enjoyed. Dentures benefit your overall health and appearance. There are two types of dentures: Complete Dentures- This type would be replacing all … Continue reading

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